In addition to our in-store media solutions Adsat also offers:

  • Installation and maintenance – Full studio builds, equipment installation and on-going maintenance.
  • Mobile Apps – A bespoke app for your audio channel, podcasts, interviews and messaging.
  • Audio content production – Curated audio content for your channel, podcasts and commercial recordings.
  • Outside Broadcasts – Branded events; including new store openings and roadshows.
  • Maintenance Call Center – A 24-hour call center to deal with maintenance issues related to the receivers on site. We will ensure that seamless broadcast reaches each and every site in your network. Options include; a telephonic call center with 8 out of 10 faults being resolved telephonically with expert assistance or our full Maintenance offering with telephonic call center support as well as resolution of the fault by HSE accredited installers on-site.