The Magic of Music

Music has been part of the in-store experience for decades but until the early 90’s little attention was given to what was played in store

The evolution of in-store radio. To beam or stream?

Over the past three decades In-store radio has evolved and moved with the times to deliver a number of opportunities for brands to establish an authentic connection with staff and customers with a number of exciting trends emerging including the choice of broadcast delivery mechanisms.

Developing Music DNA

The effect that music has on us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and emotionally can be harnessed in the retail environment to influence customers behaviour and enhance their shopping experience.

The Power of Music in Retail

The benefits and effects of music are well documented. Music can lift your mood, transport you back to a moment in time, even change your behavior. The music we listen to not only helps to shape our identity but also enables us to identify with and build connections with others. Creating the right sound and mood in your outlets is essential in ensuring that your customers feel that connection and keep coming back.

Why In-Store Audio

The old model of in-store (and even online) retail strictly focused on products being sold. However, consumers have slowly but surely been moving away from strictly shopping for products, instead seeking a more engaging experience. The trend has been driven largely by millennials and their preference for experiences over things.