The Power of Music in Retail

The benefits and effects of music are well documented. Music can lift your mood, transport you back to a moment in time, even change your behavior. The music we listen to not only helps to shape our identity but also enables us to identify with and build connections with others. Creating the right sound and mood in your outlets is essential in ensuring that your customers feel that connection and keep coming back.

Every brand has a sound. The sound of your brand is embedded in your values, your offering to customers, your logo and the overall design aesthetic of your retail space. Adsat specialises in unlocking your brand’s audio DNA by complimenting your brand with a carefully curated playlist that becomes a seamless sonic extension of your brand identity.

Our programming team creates the unique sound and feel of each audio channel to bring your brand to life

Key benefits of an In-Store audio solution

  • Important environment and mood management
  • An increase in brand loyalty by creating a unique experience specific to your brand
  • Increased sales through increasing dwell times, highlighting promotions and encouraging repeat visits
  • Training, motivating and recognising staff who contribute to the customers In-store experience

We can Capture your brand essence in a music playlist

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