Music and communication in the in-store environment is tremendously powerful; the radio medium offers a powerful platform delivering environment management (mood and atmosphere), Brings your brand experience to life and can be a compelling sales driver. In-Store radio can also be an excellent communication tool for staff and customers.

The music we listen to not only helps to shape our identity but also enables us to identify with and strengthen connections with others. That’s why creating the right sound and mood in-store is essential to ensuring that your customers connect with your brand and keep coming back.

Research has shown that by creating a unique brand audio identity and playing the correct mix of music you can encourage customers to spend more time interacting with your brand and at the same time enhance the customer’s affinity to the brand. Play the wrong music and you may get hit by the door as they are on their way out!

Adsat specialises in unlocking your brand’s audio DNA that becomes a seamless sonic extension of your brand identity.

Our music experts and programming team can create the unique sound and feel of each audio channel through professional music mood programming and content creation.

We offer our clients a wide range of skills and experience including:



  • Music Channels – Select from a bouquet of existing channels showcasing global and local songs.


  • Branded Channels – Bespoke channels tailored for your brand with recorded branding, promotions and advertising.


  • Live Shows – Shows for customers and employees provide a powerful platform to motivate, interact, entertain and increase sales with professional presenters.


  • Employee Engagement – In-store radio and digital signage solutions are a great way to motivate, engage and train staff.


  • Dedicated Staff Shows – A platform talking directly to staff, sharing information related to the brand, training messaging and advertising for brand promotions/specials and most importantly Staff recognition.

So, whether your brand requires the latest cutting-edge music or a sultry latino vibe, Adsat will create a playlist your customers will love with a music selection that is distinctive, fresh and updated regularly.