Satellite and Streaming Delivery

Various distribution methods are available to deliver on your needs from live to pre-recorded channels on both satellite and streaming broadcast delivery mechanisms including; store and forward.

Adsat offers a full-service offering, overseeing all elements involved in the set up and running of all media solutions from our studio to your sites.

We offer two delivery mechanisms for your in-store music solutions.


Satellite Channel:

  • Cost-effective solution for clients with a large number of sites 
  • One broadcast with a single cost irrespective of the number of sites.
  • Sites require a satellite dish and decoder to be installed and attached to your existing audio system
  • Reliable for a live radio station and private TV channel,
  • Allows for live broadcasts and the playlist can be modified instantly


Store and forward streaming:

The audio feed is delivered via a dedicated music playout device which is connected to your network and the existing audio system. It is updated each evening ready for the next day.

  • A Streaming channel is a great option for clients with fewer sites or clients that require differentiation in content from site to site
  • A reliable internet connection is essential
  • A secure and encrypted service that is not bandwidth intensive. Even if your internet connection is down your device can still play a backup selection of music providing additional piece of mind.
  • Allows for reporting and the monitoring of each site


Simply plug and play!