The evolution of in-store radio. To beam or stream?

Over the past three decades In-store radio has evolved and moved with the times to deliver a number of opportunities for brands to establish an authentic connection with staff and customers with a number of exciting trends emerging including the choice of broadcast delivery mechanisms.

The internet has presented a number of exciting opportunities in the In-store audio space once dominated by satellite radio. Improved bandwidth and lower costs have made streaming a more attractive option for selected clients. Streaming offers a number of advantages for corporates and retailers. It is now possible for small chains and even single venue businesses to receive a bespoke and controlled audio solution for their stores. For larger businesses streaming allows for differentiation with the potential to deliver regional, clustered or individual playlists and messages for specific stores.

Adsat offers both live streaming and forward and store options. Live is as it suggests, while forward and store allows for a ‘pre-recorded’ broadcast with minimal use of bandwidth as playlists and music are sent overnight or as defined to the devices, so the stores network is never compromised.The device utilizes plug-and-play technology which makes it easy to implement and utilize.

In spite of this Satellite remains a very popular and cost-effective broadcast technology for many and has also progressed with Adsat offering a digital signage component that can be delivered very cost effectively with the radio feed offering real value to clients.

Whichever technology suits your brand best Adsat will work with you to find the best solution to create the optimal in-store environment for you and your customers.

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