Become more customer centric in your in-store communications

In-store Media Solutions

Offering a personalised In-store audio channel for your customers is essential in creating the optimal mood and ensuring that customers have a good experience with your brand. Added to that is the opportunity to keep your customers informed about the wonderful offers, products and services that they can enjoy. While a restaurant wants a music mix that enhances an experience, retailers also relish the opportunity to communicate their offering to their customers using the point of purchase decision as an opportunity to convert and increase sales. Some even use the opportunity to sell on advertising space to clients offering them a platform to increase sales and creating an additional revenue stream for the retailer.

Delivering on cleverly crafted creative and telling a story instead of simply advertising a product is a smart strategy for building a connection with your customer. Asdat in the UK has moved towards using recognisable voices on their station, using popular presenters from Heart FM and Virgin. Locally, Adsat has been doing this for years using recognisable names on their stations. It is proven that an endorsement from a trusted well-known figure will add to the appeal of a product or service, but a big name can be expensive.

Live presenters offer you the opportunity to offer a more personal experience in a constrained retail environment keeping customers is critical to survival, customers that continue to support you have an authentic, genuine connection with your brand which is why you should be speaking to them and making them feel valued and recognised.

Harnessing data from clients’ loyalty programmes has also given Adsats programmers access to a wealth of customer data that enables them to create the most effective content mix to deliver on the clients’ objectives.

You need to know your customer to know what your customer wants!

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